Madelyn Blair, PhD
Riding the Current
Riding the Current
How to Deal with the Daily Deluge of Data

Turn your anxiety and frustration about the information that is raging around you into a calm journey of riding the current, syphoning just what you need from the flow. Don't try to fight it – ride the current.

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About the Riding the Current Program

Ask people if they're current in their field, and they answer No! It's impossible to know it all. They're right—especially when:

  • Each second, more that 2 million emails are sent
  • Every day, more text messages are sent than the population of the planet
  • Each minute, almost a day's worth of video is uploaded to YouTube
  • Each month, more than 2 billion photos get posted on Facebook
  • Every year, 1 million new publications are produced

Add the material you're trying to absorb from websites, blogs, tweets, social media, podcasts and books—it's simply too much.

The Riding the Current program provides a systematized framework to keep knowledge fresh by maximizing your own optimal learning style. Built on Dr. Blair's deep experience and solid theory, the program delivers real results by helping you:

  • Move to the next level of your career
  • Gain confidence
  • Take control of your own development
  • Build a reputation for being a source of knowledge
  • Become an expert with deep knowledge
  • Be more competitive with enhanced creativity and insight
  • Develop strong relationships with individuals and teams
  • Learn how to go deep in your own topic—and how to step outside for greater insight between disciplines
  • Become more competent with ambiguity—a core characteristic of successful (and aspiring) leaders

Benefits for Leaders

Leaders often feel stymied when excellent workers produce less than excellent results. The solution to lackluster performance may not entail updated software, time management training, or courses in email management.

Riding the Current can lift up and transform your organization by promoting clearer thinking, focused action, better decisions, responsiveness, and personal and organizational success.

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Flexible Options for HR

Help unburden knowledge workers with actionable training that can be facilitated by Pelerei or managed and executed by the training department (Train the trainer option is available.) or by teams and individuals themselves. The Riding the Current program can be entirely self-directed for a nearly no-cost solution or with webinar enhancement.

Riding the Current is not a one-time activity but an on-going growth and support program that delivers career and personal satisfaction.

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Knowledge for Knowledge Workers

Knowledge workers are "seekers" of meaning that can help them support on-going projects and create value-producing initiatives. They have data by the ton at their fingertips, yet still they feel guilty that they might miss something or that they aren't "keeping up". At its worst, this feeling increases complexity and confusion. Riding the Current provides the strategies and a supporting "Crew" to lessen the burden, achieve clarity, and the refreshing simplicity that gets things done.

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Pelerei offers 360° Support

Whatever way you choose to engage and implement Riding the Current, Pelerei is ready to assist and offers on-going thinking, topics, and helpful hints at

About Madelyn Blair, Ph.D.

Madelyn is known for her energy and clarity of message. She is an authority in management and leadership issues, in the use of story and narrative in organizational settings, knowledge management, organizational learning, and in the critical area of overcoming information overload. She draws from over 25 years in management and executive positions, and from her extensive work with clients such as the International Monetary Fund, and Brookings Institute.

Past Speaking Engagements

"In a world where all we have time for is a tweet, E2V offers a vehicle for more meaningful dialogue and connection. I urge you to give it a go!"

Lesley Diaz, Human Viewpoint

"E2V provides opportunities for meeting the basic human needs of being listened to and being considered."

Bruce T. Smith, MD Psychiatrist

"This book is a must-read for anyone who takes his or her self-development seriously. Riding the Current lays out technique after technique for staying abreast of everything that is relevant, navigating the overwhelming sea of knowledge, and using it all to your advantage."

Seth Kahan,

"A fresh take on personal knowledge management. Madelyn Blair leads us on a fascinating journey with many unexpected twists and turns. Along the way, we get a multitude of tools, techniques and insights to help keep our knowledge fresh."

Steve Denning, author of The Leader's Guide to Storytelling.

"To me the process of Essays in Two Voices is a good reflective discipline for distilling a significant amount of thinking, without excessive verbiage."

Jane McKenzie, England

"The Essays in Two Voices process helps us deepening and widening our thoughts. I love the silence which has been a friend in the process."

Bernard Tollec, Managing Director, Involve Consulting, Paris.

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