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Madelyn Blair, Ph.D., President

Madelyn Blair, Ph.D.Dr. Blair is the founder of Pelerei and has been its president since its inception in 1988. Dr. Blair brings extensive line management experience. She is expert in the fields of organizational development, knowledge management, instructional design, and research technique. Dr. Blair is an early advocate and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry. She developed the first content analysis of written performance evaluations. She designed and created the methodology of Information Flow Analysis, which Pelerei has used to create information strategies that are understandable, workable, and efficiently developed. She has designed and conducted custom-designed courses and other learning opportunities in such topics as leadership, storytelling in business, gender, organizational change, knowledge management, communication, problem solving, and research design. She has done so for the classroom and for distance learning. She has extensive background and experience in the area of gender in the workplace and has worked with more than 20 organizations in developing programs to address the needs of women and men working together.

Most recently, she has become a national leader in the area of using storytelling in organizations. As a founding member of one of the leading organizations in this field, she is called upon to speak about how this powerful tool can be used in many different organizational and social settings.

She has written extensively (see Immediate Resources) including her books, Riding the Current: How to deal with the daily deluge of data, the accompanying workbook Riding the Current: Overcoming information overload, and Essays in Two Voices.

She brings a practical approach to addressing business needs, often creating solutions with minimal resources by harnessing the energy of client teams. Dr. Blair has published extensively and is a popular speaker. She also loves climbing mountains.

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Latest Publications

Riding the Current

Riding the Current

How to deal with the daily deluge of data

Turn your anxiety and frustration about the information that is raging around you into a calm journey of riding the current, syphoning just what you need from the flow. Don't try to fight it – ride the current... Learn More

Essays in Two Voices

Essays in Two Voices

Dialogues of discovery

Get to your real thoughts. Essays in Two Voices helps you hone your thinking with a partner, offers a way to get to the essence, appreciates the thoughts of the other, and lets you know when you are done... Learn More

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